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Without exception, all CBAY books are produced in the United States. To see the specific companies for each of our books published for children 12 and under, see below:

  • The Amulet of Amon-Ra:
    1st Printing: Nov. 2009-United Graphics-Job #192183-Printed on Husky 60#
  • The Book of Knowledge:
    1st Printing: August 2009-Versa Press-Job #J09-05810-Printed on 60# Husky Recycled
  • The Book of Nonsense:
    1st Printing: August 2008-McNaughton-Gunn
    Paperback Printing: -United Graphics
  • Book of Maps
    1st Printing: August 2010-Sheridan Books
  • Book of All Things
    1st Printing: August 2011-Sheridan Books
  • The Emerald Tablet:
    1st Printing: August 2008 -McNaughton-Gunn
    Paperback Printing: March 2012-United Graphics
    2nd Paperback 2nd Printing: September 2015-United Graphics
  • The Navel of the World:
    1st Printing: July 2009-Versa Press
    Paperback Printing: October 2013-United Graphics
  • The Necropolis
    1st Printing: September 2010-Sheridan Books
    Paperback Printing: August 2014-United Graphics
  • The Secrets of the Cheese Syndicate:
    1st Printing: July 2009-United Graphics
    2nd Printing: March 2010-United Graphics-Job # 205226-Printed on 60# white offset
  • Trapped in Lunch Lady Land
    1st Printing: April 2014-United Graphics
  • Melvin Invents Music
    1st Printing: February 2016 – United Graphics
  • Memory Girl
    1st Printing: July 2016—Sheridan Books
  • The Lazy Dragon and the Bumblespells Wizard
    1st Printing: August 2016—United Graphics

For more information on any specific title, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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